The Duke’s Unconventional Muse – Extended Epilogue

Two Years Later…

The countryside around the Fairfax estate was in full bloom, nature heralding the delights of spring. Birds sang and sunlight filtered through the budding trees, kissing the ground with warmth.

Inside the manor, Amelia sat by a window in the drawing room, sunlight reflecting off her eyes. In her lap was a small, giggling boy with tufts of dark blond hair, unmistakably Sebastian’s son. The boy clutched a wooden horse, waving it enthusiastically in the air.

“Careful, little Edmund,” Amelia chuckled, adjusting the boy to sit more securely. “You wouldn’t want to send your horse flying now, would you?”

Edmund merely giggled in response, attempting to make the wooden horse ‘gallop’ on Amelia’s knee.

At the room’s entrance, Sebastian stood watching them, a fond smile playing on his lips. “He’s as spirited as his mother,” he remarked, walking over to join them.

Amelia rolled her eyes playfully. “He has his father’s stubbornness, for sure.”

Sebastian scooped Edmund into his arms, causing the boy to erupt in a fit of giggles. “That he does.” He leaned down, capturing Amelia’s lips in a gentle kiss. “Two years, and every day I find myself stubbornly falling for you all over again.”

Blushing, Amelia brushed a stray hair behind her ear. “And here I thought only ladies were allowed to be so sentimental.”

Before Sebastian could retort, the sound of carriage wheels crunching on gravel reached their ears. “It seems we have visitors,” he said.

Amelia’s face lit up with excitement. “It must be my parents and Temperance. And Jane and George with their little one!”

By the time Amelia and Sebastian reached the entrance, Jane and George were already alighting from a carriage. In Jane’s arms was a cherubic baby girl with bright eyes that observed the world with fascination.

“Jane! George!” Amelia exclaimed, rushing forward to embrace her friends. Her gaze fell on the little girl. “And this must be the delightful Emily.”

George chuckled, wrapping an arm around Jane’s waist. “Indeed, it is. She’s been eager to see her Aunt Amelia and Uncle Sebastian.”

Amelia cooed at the baby, who responded with a gurgly laugh. “She’s absolutely precious.”

As the two families exchanged pleasantries, another carriage approached. From it descended Oliver and Cecilia, hand in hand, followed closely by Temperance, and Lord and Lady Harrowsfield.

“It seems we have a full house today,” Sebastian remarked, greeting each of the arrivals.

When Oliver approached, he was met with enthusiastic backslaps from Sebastian. “It’s good to see you again,” Sebastian said.

Oliver grinned, his eyes sparkling. “And you. We’ve been waiting for this.”

“Come,” Amelia urged, leading the way into the house. “Let’s all get settled. It’s going to be a wonderful day.”

Inside the expansive living area of the manor, sunlight streamed through tall windows, lighting up the well-furnished room. Housemaids scurried about, offering drinks and refreshments to the guests.

As everyone settled into plush armchairs and sofas, the room was abuzz with chatter and laughter. Little Edmund and Emily played on the floor with wooden toys, their innocent antics bringing smiles to everyone’s faces.

Jane leaned close to Amelia. “Your gardens are breathtaking, as always,” she remarked, looking out the window.

Amelia smiled warmly. “Thank you. They’ve become my sanctuary. Do you remember Sebastian’s late mother’s garden? I’ve been working on reviving it, focusing on herbs and medicinal plants.”

Jane’s eyes shone with admiration. “Oh, Amelia, that’s wonderful! I remember you always had an inclination towards herbal remedies.”

Amelia nodded, her eyes distant for a moment. “It feels like I’m preserving a part of Lady Fairfax while also pursuing my passion.”

Across the room, Lord Harrowsfield approached Sebastian, clapping him on the back. “Sebastian, my boy, I’ve heard your joint venture with George is doing quite well.”

Sebastian’s face beamed with pride. “Indeed, my lord. We’ve managed to clear all the family debts and have been making a steady profit.”

Harrowsfield nodded appreciatively. “It’s commendable, what you’ve achieved in such a short time. And it brings me joy to see Amelia so happy.”

George joined the conversation, his voice tinged with camaraderie. “We’ve had our challenges, but with mutual trust and hard work, things have turned around. Amelia and Sebastian’s blessings played a significant role.”

Temperance, in conversation with Cecilia, shot a curious glance towards Oliver, who was deep in discussion with Lord Harrowsfield. “He’s changed,” she observed softly. “Ever since he lost everything and sobered up. Marriage to Cecilia seems to have given him purpose.”

Cecilia’s eyes softened. “Love can heal and transform,” she replied, placing a hand on her heart. “It gave him a reason to become a better man.”

As the conversations deepened and the afternoon sun mellowed, a housemaid approached Sebastian, a letter on a silver tray. “A message for you, my lord,” she said.

Taking the letter, Sebastian noticed the seal. “It’s from the Marquess of Levenington,” he commented, slightly puzzled. Breaking the seal, he skimmed through the contents, a smile slowly forming.

Amelia, noticing his expression, leaned in. “What is it?”

He handed her the letter. “It seems Henry and Matilda are expecting their first child together.”

Amelia’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. “Well, that is unexpected! But good news, nonetheless.”

Sebastian nodded. “Indeed. Despite our past differences, I truly wish them well.”

Lady Harrowsfield, overhearing the news, chimed in, “The circles of life and love continue to turn. It’s heartwarming to see everyone finding their happiness.”

The sentiment was felt by all in the room, a silent acknowledgment of the paths they had traversed, the challenges overcome, and the bright futures ahead.

As the sun started to slowly sink low in the sky, casting a beautiful hue over the Fairfax estate, Amelia decided to take advantage of the weather and proposed a walk in the gardens.

Sebastian, baby Edmund cradled in his arm, led the way, closely followed by Jane, George, and their little Emily. Oliver and Cecilia held hands, their fingers intertwined, expressing more than words ever could.

The entire group ambled through the vast expanse, with Amelia pointing out the various plants and herbs she had nurtured, each carrying its own story and significance.

Temperance, however, was intrigued by a small section near the back, beautifully cordoned off with a little picket fence. “What have we here?” she asked, bending down to inspect the tiny, colorful blossoms.

“That,” Amelia replied, a hint of mischief in her eyes, “is Sebastian’s little project. After watching me work on the garden for so long, he decided he needed his own patch.”

Sebastian chuckled. “Well, I wouldn’t want to be completely useless around here. It’s just a modest collection of flowers, but they mean a lot to me.”

Jane leaned down to take in the fragrance of a particularly bright flower. “They’re lovely, Sebastian,” she complimented.

The Viscount grinned, holding up his son to let him touch a petal gently. “Edmund’s favorites,” he shared, his eyes twinkling with pride.

They continued their journey, admiring the intricacies of the garden. Suddenly, little Emily tugged at George’s pants, her eyes wide with excitement. “Daddy, look! A butterfly!”

George bent down, lifting Emily to watch as the delicate butterfly fluttered past. “Nature’s little marvels,” he whispered into her ear.

Amelia watched the tender scene with a smile. “These moments,” she whispered to Sebastian, “make everything worthwhile.”

He nodded, drawing her close. “Indeed. All the hurdles, the ups and downs, have led us to this beautiful present.”

Oliver, who had been unusually quiet, cleared his throat to grab everyone’s attention. Cecilia squeezed his hand encouragingly. “There’s something we would like to share,” he began, his face glowing with happiness.

Cecilia, her cheeks flushed, added, “We’re expecting our first child.”

The news was met with a burst of joyful exclamations and congratulations. Lady Harrowsfield rushed to embrace Cecilia, while Lord Harrowsfield clapped Oliver firmly on the back.

Amelia, her heart full, hugged Cecilia tight. “Oh, my dear, I’m so, so happy for you!”

Sebastian grinned at Oliver. “Ready for sleepless nights and endless lullabies?” he teased.

Oliver smiled, his eyes misty. “More than ready.”

The garden echoed with laughter, joy, and the promise of a future filled with love and hope.

The air was filled with the scent of fresh herbs and flowers, an intoxicating blend that wafted from the rows of meticulously maintained plants in the garden. Amelia knelt, her fingers gently inspecting the green leaves of the lavender plant before her.

“My dear, the garden truly flourishes under your care,” Lady Harrowsfield commented, joining her daughter. Her fingers brushed against a rosemary bush, inhaling its fragrance.

Amelia smiled up at her mother, her joy evident. “It’s a passion, Mother. Every plant and herb here has a purpose, either to heal or to soothe. Sebastian’s mother truly had a vision when she started this garden.”

Lady Harrowsfield chuckled, “It seems both of you have more in common than one would’ve initially perceived.”

As the day’s festivities continued, the large drawing room of the Fairfax estate transformed into a hub of celebration. The golden chandeliers, their crystals reflecting the warmth of the flames, lit the room with a soft glow. The antique mahogany table stood adorned with delicate porcelain teapots, cups, and an array of sweets and pastries. Soft melodies from a piano in the corner, played by Jane, added to the ambience.

Sebastian, with young Edmund in his lap, shared tales of their business ventures with George, both men emphasizing how grateful they were for the prosperity that had come their way. It wasn’t just the money, but the bond it had fostered between them.

Amelia, seated beside Temperance, exchanged stories of motherhood, her eyes lighting up every time her gaze landed on Sebastian and Edmund. “It’s been quite a journey, hasn’t it?” Temperance remarked, taking a sip from her cup.

“It has,” Amelia replied, her voice soft. “But every moment has been worth it. Especially moments like these.”

Over by the window, Oliver and Cecilia looked out at the setting sun. His hand over her gently rounded belly, they both seemed to be lost in dreams of their forthcoming parenthood.

Amelia went to sit by Sebastian’s side, observing their family, the legacy of love they had fostered.

Sebastian leaned down, planting a soft kiss on Amelia’s forehead. “Do you ever wonder, my love, how we’ve been so fortunate?”

Amelia smiled, resting her head on his shoulder. “We’ve fought our battles, faced our demons, and through it all, chose love. This,” she gestured at their gathered family, “is our reward.”

In the evening glow, the estate stood as a testament to their journey, a beacon of hope, and love.


The vast estate quietened as the last guest retired to their quarters, the previous merriment now but a whisper carried by the wind. The grand fireplace in Sebastian and Amelia’s chamber crackled, casting a warm, golden glow across the room.

Amelia, sitting before her vanity, gently brushed her hair, her fingers occasionally grazing the pearls and gems intertwined within. The reflection in the mirror showed Sebastian approaching her, his silhouette strong yet soft in the room’s ambient light.

“Today was perfect,” she whispered, a hint of melancholy in her eyes.

Sebastian wrapped his arms around her waist from behind, resting his chin on her shoulder. “It was,” he agreed. “Though, what weighs on your mind, my love?”

She set the brush down, intertwining her fingers with his. “It’s just that… days like these make me realize how fleeting moments can be. The children will grow, families will expand, and before we know it, everything will change.”

He tightened his embrace, drawing her close. “True. But isn’t that the beauty of life? The ever-changing tapestry of moments, each thread woven with memories of joy, sorrow, challenges, and victories.”

She leaned back into his warmth. “I just wish to hold onto moments like these forever.”

Sebastian gently turned Amelia to face him, their eyes locking in a familiar dance of understanding and love. “Then we shall. In our hearts, our memories. Every laugh shared, every tear shed, every challenge faced together – they are all a part of our story. And that story, my dear Amelia, will be our legacy.”

Amelia smiled, her worries dissipating in the face of his unwavering love and assurance. “With you by my side, I believe we can face anything.”

Sebastian smiled, brushing a soft kiss on her lips. “Together, always.”

Hand in hand, they walked to their bed, the world outside fading as they found comfort in each other’s arms, cherishing the day’s events and looking forward to many more memories to come.


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      1. I always wish the extended epilogue was included in the book!

        The epilogue is lovely and I have enjoyed the characters and how their stories played out. I do feel there have been missed opportunities, hinted at, that would have made this really great!

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