A Hyacinth for the Stoic Marquess – Extended Epilogue

Three years had blessed Hyacinth and Hamish since that remarkable October day when they exchanged their sacred vows. In those intervening seasons, love had flourished in unexpected ways, bringing them to Penelope’s sunlit estate on a delightful summer afternoon.

King’s Grove, with its elegant architecture and beautifully tended gardens, held a charm that resonated with Hyacinth’s very soul. The mansion was awash in the golden light of the late afternoon, and the gentle murmur of laughter drifted on the fragrant summer breeze.

Upon their arrival, Hamish helped Hyacinth from their carriage, his hand resting tenderly on her waist, a subtle acknowledgment of the precious life growing within her. Little Lily, their vivacious three-year-old daughter, danced around her parents with an energy that seemed endless.

“Careful, Lily dear,” Hyacinth admonished, her voice as soft and tender as a summer’s breeze, while her husband secured their daughter in his strong arms.

“Oh, Mama, look at the flowers!” Lily’s eyes sparkled with delight. “Just like our garden, isn’t it, Papa?”

“Indeed, my love,” Hamish replied, casting a loving glance toward his wife. The garden at King’s Grove had indeed flourished, reflecting the bond and shared dreams between them.

They made their way into the house, greeted by the warm embrace of familiar faces. Aunt Penelope, as regal and gracious as ever, welcomed them with open arms.

“My dearest Hyacinth, Hamish,” she said, her eyes twinkling with joy. “How wonderful to see you both. And dear Lily, you have grown so much!”

The conversation flowed like a gentle stream, touching on recent happenings, shared memories, and the joy of gathering once more. The halls of Penelope’s estate were adorned with fresh flowers, and sunlight filtered through the large windows, casting a serene glow that added to the sense of homecoming.

As they settled in the drawing-room, Lucy and Arthur entered, their twin boys toddling energetically at their heels. Their laughter was a symphony of happiness that filled the room.

“Lucy! Arthur!” Hyacinth exclaimed, embracing her dear friends. “It’s been too long!”

Lucy’s face beamed as she hugged Hyacinth, taking a moment to lovingly touch her friend’s baby bump. “You look radiant, Hyacinth. Motherhood suits you well.”

“And you, Lucy, managing twin boys!” Hamish chimed in, his eyes dancing with mirth. “I dare say you have your hands full.”

“Indeed, we do,” Arthur agreed, a proud smile on his face. “But we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

As the children played, their laughter mingling with the voices of the adults, Hyacinth and Hamish found themselves lost in the joy of the moment. The drawing-room was filled with love and warmth, a testament to the strength of their relationships and the enduring bonds they had forged.

With the sun beginning to dip toward the horizon, they made their way to the dining room, where a splendid feast awaited them. The table was set with fine china, gleaming silverware, and bouquets of fragrant flowers, reflecting the grace and elegance of their hostess.

“To friendship and love,” Penelope toasted, her eyes moist with emotion. “To family, new beginnings, and the joy of being together.”

Glasses clinked, and smiles were exchanged, the room filled with a sense of contentment that went beyond mere words. Hyacinth’s hand found Hamish’s under the table, a silent affirmation of their shared journey.

Their eyes met, and in that fleeting moment, everything was said. A glance that spoke of love, resilience, and the beautiful life they had cultivated together.

The evening had only just begun, and yet, it felt like a perfect encapsulation of all they had been through, a celebration of love in its purest form. Just like the rarest blooms in their beloved garden, their love had grown, nurtured by faith, trust, and unwavering commitment.

The first part of the evening had ended, but the night was young, and more memories were waiting to be made.

After the sun had surrendered to the soothing embrace of twilight at Penelope’s estate, laughter, music, and the chime of crystal glasses filled the air with a harmonious melody, a symphony of friendship and familial bonds.

Little Lily had fallen asleep in her father’s arms, her cherubic face a picture of contentment. Her dreams were surely filled with flowers, laughter, and the love of those around her.

Hyacinth and Hamish had retreated to the drawing room, where a more intimate gathering had formed. Comfortable chairs, a roaring fire, and a spread of delicious pastries created a setting that encouraged conversation and reflection.

Over a cup of steaming tea, the conversation turned to old acquaintances, memories, and life’s unexpected twists and turns. Lucinda had a sparkle in her eye as she spoke of Edward’s recent marriage into a politically influential family. His happiness was evident in his letters, and Hyacinth couldn’t help but feel a sense of relief that everyone had found their way.

“Evelyn has wedded an elderly earl, did you know?” Penelope remarked, a knowing smile on her lips.

Hamish looked up, his expression unreadable. “Is that so? Well, I wish her happiness. She’s certainly gained a vast fortune.”

The room fell into thoughtful silence, a moment of reflection on how paths had diverged and lives had changed. But it was a comfortable silence, filled with understanding and shared history.

Lucy broke the silence, her eyes twinkling. “I must say, Hamish, your garden designs are the talk of the county. People say it is a paradise on earth.”

Hyacinth’s eyes shone with pride. “Indeed, they are our very own patch of heaven, Lucy. Mr. Fletcher’s magic and Hamish’s vision have turned it into something truly special.”

Hamish reached over, taking Hyacinth’s hand. “A reflection of our life together, my love.”

Their eyes met across the room, a silent acknowledgment, a shared secret. The years had brought challenges and surprises, but their love had only deepened, becoming the bedrock of their existence.

Later that night, the guests retired one by one, leaving Hyacinth and Hamish almost alone in the drawing room, the fire casting a warm glow over the room. They sat side by side, their hands entwined, lost in thought.

“You know, my dear, looking back at everything, I can’t help but feel a profound sense of gratitude,” Hamish said softly, his eyes on the dancing flames.

Hyacinth leaned her head on his shoulder. “Gratitude for what we have, for what we’ve become.”

“And for each other,” Hamish added, turning to look at her. “You’ve made me the man I am, Hyacinth. Your love, your faith in me, has given me a life I never dared to dream of.”

Hyacinth’s eyes filled with tears, tears of joy and love. “And you, Hamish, you’ve shown me what true love is. You’ve given me a home, a family. I could not ask for more.”

They sat in silence, the ticking of the clock a gentle reminder of time’s passage. But for Hyacinth and Hamish, time had a different meaning. It was a tapestry of memories, woven with threads of love, trust, and mutual respect.

They knew it was time to return home, their hearts filled with contentment after a beautiful day spent with friends.

The journey back home was filled with a gentle sense of nostalgia, reflections on the connections that had shaped their lives. As the carriage rocked softly along the road, Hyacinth and Hamish were lost in their thoughts, occasionally sharing a glance, a smile, or a tender touch.

Upon arriving home, their hearts swelled with a warmth that went beyond the picturesque beauty of the estate. This was their creation, their love personified, and every brick, every bloom, whispered stories of their shared life.

That night, they settled into their familiar surroundings, the memories of the house party still fresh and invigorating. Hyacinth’s baby bump was a gentle reminder of the new chapter awaiting them, a symbol of their growing love and family.


The next morning, a soft giggle broke the silence of the dawn. Little Lily’s voice was like a melodious song, pulling Hyacinth and Hamish from their dreams.

Hamish opened his eyes and looked at Hyacinth, her face serene in sleep, illuminated by the first rays of the sun. He kissed her forehead, a silent thank you for everything she was to him.

“Lily’s awake,” Hyacinth murmured, her eyes still closed but a smile playing on her lips.

“So she is,” Hamish agreed, his voice filled with contentment. “Shall we see what our vivacious little girl is up to?”

Together, they made their way to Lily’s room, their steps light, their hearts buoyant.

Lily’s eyes sparkled as she looked up at her parents, her little hands clapping in joy. “Mama, Papa!” she exclaimed, her words a beautiful symphony to their ears.

“Good morning, my love,” Hyacinth said, scooping Lily into her arms.

“Good morning, darling,” Hamish added, planting a kiss on Lily’s cheek.

As they spent the morning playing and laughing, the joy of the house party and the updates about old acquaintances were still fresh in their minds. But it was here, in this moment, with their daughter’s laughter ringing through their home, that they found their true happiness.

The day was spent in simple pleasures, tending to the garden, reading, and enjoying each other’s company. The rarest blooms in their beloved garden seemed to mirror their own blossoming family, a beautiful testament to their enduring love.

As evening fell, they sat on the terrace, Lily nestled between them, the soft glow of the setting sun painting the sky with shades of gold and pink. Their estate was bathed in a magical light, a paradise crafted by love, vision, and resilience.

Hyacinth looked at Hamish, her eyes filled with gratitude and love. “We’ve created something beautiful, haven’t we?”

Hamish took her hand, his eyes reflecting her emotions. “Yes, we have. And we’ll continue to do so, every day, for the rest of our lives.”

Their eyes met, a silent acknowledgement, a promise.

The resilience they’d shown through the trials of the past had brought them to this point, to a life filled with joy, love, and contentment. The beautiful life they’d cultivated together was just like their garden, filled with the rarest blooms, resilient and forever blooming.

In each other’s arms, with their daughter’s soft breathing as a gentle reminder of their blessings, they knew they were home.


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17 thoughts on “A Hyacinth for the Stoic Marquess – Extended Epilogue”

  1. Hello, my beloved readers. I hope you enjoyed the book and you were satisfied with the happily ever after of our heroes in the extended epilogue. Did you find Hyacinth and Hamish’s romance worth your time? I am eagerly waiting for your comments! 😊🪷

  2. Such a sweet, kind romance! My favorite character was Mr. Fletcher – so wise and loving. This story made me want to go smell the flowers.

  3. It is a lovely story and I thoroughly enjoyed it. However as it was an ARC and you asked for a review so you can make corrections there is a little confusion on the ages. You said he was 10 years older so that would make Hamish 32 to her 22. However, you also said that he married Christine when he was 32 in an arranged marriage and he grew to love her so it sounds like they were married for a while. She has been dead for a few years since Hamish says for many years he never thought he could ever love again. None of the confusion would exist if you took out the sentence about him being 32 when he married. Everything else falls in place.

    Secondly Hamish overheard someone (Greenwood) say that he had a financial gain when the horse lost a shoe and the lady meaning Christine died. Later on it seems she died in a carriage accident. You never explained how anyone gained from her death. None of this was necessary. It was sufficient to say she died accidentally.

    At the end of the book Lord Felton tells Hyacinth he is gay and is being forced to marry her. in the epilogue you have him happily married in some rich and influential family. Was this necessary?

    The epilogue starts 3 years after their wedding day and their daughter Lily is already 3 years old. Perhaps she should just be 2.

    These comments are to help you make corrections. They will not be part of my Amazon review. It was a lovely story and mostly well written.

    1. I am truly thankful for being so honest in your feedback dear Madhu! It helps me write better stories! I am glad you enjoyed the story but honestly I am even happier to have some solid feedback to think about while writing the next book! Thank you! ✨

  4. This was a beautiful love story. I agree with the age questions stated above, but overall it didn’t take away from this finely crafted book. I do wish you would have told us how Hyacith’s parents were fairing. I hope they are filled with great regret for the terrible way they treated their daughter. It was wonderful that Penelope was such a kind, caring and loving person.

  5. I noticed some of the inconsistencies myself but that did not decrease my enjoyment of
    the story. I am surprised of the cruelty of a father toward her daughter. was that really the case sometime? I enjoy happy endings and I thank you for writing such a complicated story.

  6. I agree with Madhu, but it not stopped me absolutely loving the story.
    Whilst on age ,
    Of 3year old Lily, I have 3and a half year old twin grand daughters. They talk a lot but cannot make complex sentences like Lily yet. Another small mistake authors make is to describe a newborn baby,s eye colour, which can change in the First few WEEKS or Months

  7. Yesterday I had slept at 3a.m after reading the book destined for the brooding baron and I was not in a position to read another 400 and odd pages of novel by the same authoress. But still I could not resist as the title hyacinth is the name of a water plant and I was curious about the story.i just now finished reading and found the story exhilarating. Kudos to the authoress who once again exposed her calibre to write on a widower without any reference to gimmicks like sex and again maintain ones interest in the book.

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