A Nursemaid for the Heartbroken Duke – Extended Epilogue

“Look at how tall you’ve become, Tommy!” Henry exclaimed, eyeing the young Earl with pride. The boy stood straighter, puffing out his chest with a grin that mirrored his late father’s.

The drawing room of Dorchester Place buzzed with warmth and the soft murmur of family gathered. Four years had woven profound changes into the fabric of their lives, most notably the addition of two children—Charlotte and Henry Junior—to Henry and Rebecca’s loving fold. Juliana, now remarried to a kindly viscount, cradled her swelling belly, proof of yet another joyous anticipation.

Tommy, the spirited young earl, had grown under the nurturing eye of his stepfather but was always reminded of his brave lineage. “Mama says Father was a hero,” he’d often recount with a mix of pride and curiosity, seeking to learn more about the man who had left too soon.

Juliana’s husband, Viscount Ashford, had seamlessly stepped into the role of a father for Tommy, guiding him with a gentle hand. Yet, he always respected the memory of the boy’s real father, ensuring Tommy knew of his bravery and kindness.

Amidst the festive decorations and the laughter of children, Rebecca moved gracefully, her hands gently resting on her visible pregnancy. “I still can’t believe we’re adding another one to our brood,” she said to Juliana, who smiled knowingly.

“Neither can I, but I suppose love tends to multiply in this house,” Juliana replied, her eyes shining with happiness.

The conversation flowed around the children, the Christmas holidays, and the echoes of the past that had shaped their present. It was a tapestry of love, loss, and the resilient bonds of family, stitched together by time and tender care.

Rebecca glanced at Henry, her eyes reflecting the depth of their shared journey. “Remember when Tommy was just a tiny babe, and we were all so lost in our grief?” she whispered to him.

Henry took her hand, squeezing it gently. “I do. But look at us now, my love. We’ve built a life filled with joy and laughter. You’ve given us a future when all I could see was our past.”

Tommy, overhearing snippets of their conversation, came bounding over. “Papa, tell me again about Father. Was he really as brave as they say?”

Henry knelt down, meeting Tommy’s eager eyes. “Your father was one of the bravest men I’ve ever known. He fought valiantly for what he believed in. But remember, bravery comes in many forms. And your stepfather, the Viscount, is a wonderful example of that. He loves and cares for us all, stepping into our lives with grace and strength.”

Tommy nodded, his young mind trying to piece together the mosaic of his heritage. Juliana watched the exchange, her heart full, knowing her first love would always be remembered and honored within the walls of Dorchester Place.

As laughter and chatter filled the room, it was clear that while the past would always be a part of their story, the present and future held endless possibilities for love, healing, and togetherness.

In the expansive dining hall of Dorchester Place, the air was thick with the aroma of fresh pine and the sweet scents of baking. Rebecca had insisted on a Christmas tree in every living area, each adorned with twinkling lights and handmade ornaments that told stories of their past four years together. It was a visual feast of their collective memories and love.

The morning’s grand event was the Christmas breakfast, a tradition Rebecca had introduced that quickly became a cherished ritual. Long tables were laden with dishes that steamed in the cool air—platters of roasted meats, bowls of porridge adorned with berries and cream, and baskets of freshly baked breads and pastries. It was a feast that rivaled the main Christmas Day dinner, and yet, it was only one of many in the lead-up to the holiday.

As the family gathered, the children’s laughter mingled with the chimes of silverware and the soft melodies of carols playing in the background. Charlotte and Henry, old enough to understand the magic of the season, darted between the adults, their eyes wide with wonder at the festive decorations.

Juliana, her face glowing with maternal happiness, shared a quiet conversation with her husband, the Viscount. They watched over Tommy and their soon-to-be newest member with a contentment that spoke volumes of the healing and new beginnings they had found in each other.

Henry, looking around at the assembled family, felt a swell of gratitude. “Rebecca, do you remember our first Christmas here?” he asked, his voice tinged with nostalgia.

Rebecca, who was passing a tray of scones, paused to meet his gaze. “How could I forget? It was the start of something beautiful. But I never imagined it would lead to all of this,” she gestured to the room filled with joy and togetherness.

“It’s all thanks to you,” Henry said earnestly. “You’ve brought life and warmth back to Dorchester Place. These traditions, the laughter… it’s more than I could have ever hoped for.”

Rebecca smiled, her cheeks flushed with pleasure. “It’s not just me. It’s all of us, together. But I must admit, the Christmas breakfasts are my favorite. It feels like we’re starting each day with a celebration of our family.”

As they sat down to eat, the tradition of exchanging small, handmade gifts began. Each person took turns presenting their crafted offerings, expressions of love and thoughtfulness that far exceeded any store-bought item’s value. From knitted scarves and painted portraits to carved wooden toys and embroidered handkerchiefs, each gift was a testament to the giver’s skills and the deep bonds they shared.

Tommy proudly handed Henry a clumsily made clay mug, his eyes shining with pride. “I made this for you, Papa. So you can remember me when you drink your morning tea.”

Henry accepted the mug, his heart full. “Tommy, I could never forget you. This is the best gift I could have received.”

Laughter and warm conversation filled the room as they shared the meal, a tangible reminder of how far they had come. The Dorchester Place, once shrouded in grief, now brimmed with happiness and love, a testament to the power of family and the traditions that bind them together.

As the breakfast neared its end, with plates being cleared and the last of the tea being sipped, Henry leaned closer to Rebecca, his voice soft amidst the lingering conversations around them. “Rebecca,” he began, his gaze intense with emotion, “do you realize how utterly happy you’ve made me? I often think back to how life was before you came into it, and I shudder to think where I would be without you.”

Rebecca turned to him, a gentle smile playing on her lips, her eyes shining with a mixture of love and tenderness. “Henry, I feel the same. You and our family are my everything. I can’t even remember what life was like without you all. It’s as if everything before was just waiting for this, for us.”

Henry took her hand, holding it beneath the table, a secret connection just between them. “You’ve made me the luckiest man alive, Rebecca. Without you, I fear I’d be miserably navigating a life of obligation, trapped in a marriage of convenience rather than one of love.”

Rebecca squeezed his hand, her heart swelling with love. “And I, without you, would be wandering, always searching for a place that felt like home. You and the children have given me that place—here, with you, is where I belong.”

The intimacy of the moment, surrounded by the joyous chaos of their family, seemed to wrap them in a bubble, where only their love existed. “Rebecca,” Henry whispered, a playful yet conspiratorial glint in his eye, “would you sneak away with me for a moment? There’s something I want to give you, something I’ve been wanting to do since we came down to breakfast.”

Rebecca’s curiosity was piqued, her heart beating a little faster at the thought of a secret between them. With a nod, she agreed, excusing themselves with a subtle grace that went unnoticed by the others, absorbed in their own merriment.

They left the dining hall, their hands clasped, stealing away to a quiet part of the house where the hustle of the breakfast preparations and the laughter of their family faded into the background. Henry led her to a small sitting room, one that held many a quiet conversation and stolen kisses over the years. The room was bathed in the soft, golden light of the morning, the Christmas tree in the corner sparkling with handmade decorations and the promise of the holiday to come.

As the door closed behind them, Henry turned to Rebecca, his expression one of deep love and affection. “Now, my love, for that something I wanted to give you,” he said, stepping closer. The anticipation, the love in his eyes, promised a gift far greater than any material offering. It was a moment of pure connection, a reaffirmation of their love and the life they had built together.

Henry cupped Rebecca’s face gently in his hands, his thumbs caressing her cheeks as he leaned down, his lips finding hers in a kiss that was both tender and full of the years of love they had shared. The kiss deepened, a dance of affection and longing, expressing things for which words were simply insufficient.

“I’ve been wanting to do that since we came down to breakfast,” Henry confessed, his voice a warm whisper against her lips, laden with laughter and the sheer joy of being able to steal this moment with her.

Rebecca’s response was a delighted giggle, a sound that bubbled up from the depth of her happiness. “Is that so?” she teased, her eyes sparkling with the same affection and mirth that had been a cornerstone of their relationship. “Well, then, I suppose it’s a good thing we found a moment alone.”

Henry smiled, his heart full at the sound of her laughter, a reminder of the light and love she had brought into his life. Without hesitation, he kissed her again, more deeply this time, a declaration of his enduring love and the undiminished passion that thrived between them.

The world outside the small sitting room—their secret haven from the hustle and bustle of family life—seemed to fade away. In this moment, there was only Henry and Rebecca, husband and wife, best friends, and soulmates, wrapped in the warmth of their love and the promise of all the years yet to come.

As they finally parted, breathless and with hearts racing, Henry held Rebecca’s gaze, his eyes conveying the depth of his feelings. “Rebecca, every day with you is a blessing. These moments, though fleeting, are the treasures of my life. I am endlessly grateful for you, for our family, and for the love we share. You’ve made me immeasurably happy, and I promise to spend the rest of my days ensuring you feel the same.”

Rebecca reached up, tracing the line of Henry’s jaw with a finger, her eyes shining with unshed tears of joy. “Henry, I am just as grateful for you. You and our children are my world. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you all. These moments, as brief as they may be, fill me with such joy and remind me of how much we’ve grown together. I love you, more than words can ever express.”

They embraced, holding each other close, the strength of their embrace speaking volumes of the love they shared, a love that had only deepened with time. As they eventually stepped back into the flow of their day, joining their family and the festive preparations, their spirits were lifted, their hearts lighter. This was their happily ever after, a life filled with love, laughter, and the unwavering strength of togetherness.


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  1. Greetings, my dear readers! I hope you enjoyed this delightful tale and the resolution of our couple’s loving journey! I eagerly anticipate hearing your impressions! ♥️📚

    1. It was a lovely book. I would have like to know if her friend was at the breakfast and also the aunt and her husband

    2. The best read in awhile intriguing. With laughter tears rage and happyiness for all
      You left our aunt Hannah and William ant part of the hollidays

  2. A beautiful, if slightly complex story. A slight change from normal romances, but in a good way. There were parts that seemed all to real as I remember stories of the trials of so called witches. It all wove together as duty and love didn’t mean things would work put. Read it,you will love it as much as I did

  3. Another wonderful story. Loved Rebecca’s giving heart. She was so blessed by all those she helped. Glad she got what she deserved in the end.

  4. Great story. Lady Ruth was horribly mean which provided a lot of suspense. I loved all baby scenes.

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