My Dear Enemy, the Earl – Extended Epilogue

The morning sunlight streamed through the tall, narrow windows of the Hilton family estate, casting soft, warm rays on the four-poster bed. Nestled amidst embroidered linens and plump pillows was Imogen Hilton, now Imogen Crawford.

A year had passed since she had willingly exchanged her solitary life for the love of Anthony Crawford. So much had changed in this past year, the most significant change of which lay cradled in her arms—a bundle of joy, their one-month-old son, whose bright, grey eyes, the same colour as his father’s, stared curiously at the world around him.

On the other side of the baby’s room, Anthony stood, leaning against the mahogany doorframe, his arms crossed over his chest. A soft, contented smile playing on his lips as he observed his wife and son, his heart brimming with love and admiration.

“Daniel said he’d be coming by later,” Imogen murmured, her gaze shifting to Anthony as he strolled into the room.

He nodded, recalling the events that led them to the present. The friction between Anthony and Daniel had slowly smoothed over the past year. His apology had come as a surprise, but it was sincere and had offered an opportunity for reconciliation. Anthony was cautious initially, but Imogen had convinced him to offer Daniel a chance. Slowly, but surely, their friendship was mending. And the budding romance between Daniel and Violet was a delightful surprise that made everyone happy, especially Violet herself.

Anthony walked over and took a seat beside Imogen on the bed. His gaze fell on their son, the tiny miracle that had further cemented their bond. “I can’t believe we made him,” he said, his voice tinged with awe.

Imogen chuckled softly, leaning her head against Anthony’s shoulder. “I know. It still feels like a dream.”

Anthony gently picked up his son, marvelling at the tiny hands that reached out to him. “A dream indeed.”

Suddenly, they were interrupted by a knock on the door. One of the maids peered inside. “Begging your pardon, Mrs. Crawford, but your mother requests your presence downstairs. They are about to start the wedding preparations.”

Imogen shared a quick glance with Anthony before nodding at the maid. “Tell my mother I’ll be down shortly.”

As the door closed behind the maid, Anthony turned towards Imogen. “Are you ready for this? Another wedding, and this time, it’s your mother’s.” He asked, a slight jest in his voice.

Imogen laughed, pressing a quick peck to Anthony’s cheek. “As long as I have you and our little one by my side, I can handle anything.”

With a heart full of love and a day full of promise, they prepared to step into a whirlwind of wedding festivities, basking in the shared happiness that surrounded them. Little did they know, this was just the beginning of their beautiful journey.


The garden at the back of the Hilton estate was transformed into a whimsical paradise, the flowers in full bloom providing an array of colors that matched the cheerful atmosphere. The seats, beautifully adorned with pastel ribbons, were filled with guests, their delighted chatter harmonizing with the song of the sparrows.

Imogen stood near the rose arch, her gaze shifting between the bustling servants and her mother, Lady Hilton, now soon to be Duchess. Lady Hilton, looked radiant, her eyes sparkling with a joy that Imogen had not seen in years. As she watched her mother being attended to by her sisters, she couldn’t help but smile, feeling a surge of affection for the woman who had stood by her through thick and thin.

“Oh, isn’t this just marvelous?” Violet gushed, linking her arm with Imogen’s. She was giddy with excitement, her cheeks flushed and eyes shimmering. “And can you believe that Daniel and I might be next?”

Imogen chuckled, “I’ll look forward to planning another wedding then.”

As the guests started to take their seats, Imogen held her breath, watching as Anthony, looking resplendent in his dark suit, stepped forward to walk Lady Hilton down the aisle. The hush that fell over the crowd as mother and son began their walk was replaced by a soft murmur of admiration.

The ceremony was beautiful. The words exchanged by Lady Hilton and the Duke were heartfelt and filled with a love that had been born out of shared understanding and companionship. As they sealed their vows with a kiss, the guests erupted into applause, their joyous laughter echoed through the Hilton estate.

As they sealed their vows with a kids, the guests erupted into applause, their joyous laughter echoed through the Hilton estate.

In the midst of the applause and merriment, Imogen caught sight of Violet standing a little off to the side, her eyes shining with unshed tears. Daniel was beside her, his arm casually draped over her shoulders. They were a picture of comfort and growing affection. Seeing her sister so visibly moved by the nuptials, Imogen decided to seize the moment.

“Violet,” Imogen called out, gliding towards her sister, her gown rustling around her. “Are you well? You seem quite moved by the ceremony.”

Violet turned to her, cheeks blushing prettily. “Yes, I suppose I am,” she admitted, her gaze briefly shifting to Daniel, who gave her a reassuring squeeze. “Seeing mother so happy, it’s… beautiful.”

Imogen hugged her sister tightly. “We’ll see you walking down that aisle soon enough,” she whispered, causing Violet to giggle shyly.

“I do hope so,” Violet murmured back. Looking over Violet’s shoulder, Imogen met Daniel’s eyes. He nodded at her, a silent promise that he would take good care of her sister. A wave of relief washed over Imogen. After everything, it seemed like a brighter future awaited them all.

The wedding breakfast was a lively affair, filled with animated chatter, clinking glasses, and hearty laughter. Imogen found herself swept in the wave of merriment, but as the baby’s feeding time neared, she quietly excused herself and retreated to the quieter confines of the house.

Anthony, noticing her absence, soon followed her. He found her in the nursery, cradling their son as she fed him. Watching them, he was filled with a warmth that made his heart ache with happiness. Silently, he stepped forward, wrapping his arms around his wife, their baby snug between them.

“How are you holding up?” He murmured, pressing a soft kiss to her temple.

Imogen leaned back into him, a content sigh escaping her lips. “I’m good, it’s just the crowd was a bit too much. I needed a moment of quiet.”

Anthony nodded, understanding her need for tranquility amidst the hustle and bustle. They stood there for a while, taking in the peaceful scene before them. Their son, now fast asleep, looked the picture of innocence. In this quiet moment, they reveled in the happiness they had found in each other and their son, each moment a testament to their enduring love.

“Ready to head back?” Anthony asked after a while, knowing they couldn’t keep their guests waiting for too long. Imogen nodded, handing him their sleeping son before standing up, ready to face the rest of the wedding festivities. Their hearts were full, and their smiles genuine, they were truly living their ‘happily ever after’.

They returned as the toasts reached their merry conclusion, and Imogen felt a soft hand on her arm. Turning, she found herself facing her mother, the new Duchess, her eyes shining with a joy that Imogen hadn’t seen in years.

“My dear Imogen,” her mother murmured, pulling her slightly aside from the ongoing festivities. “I’ve scarcely had a moment to thank you.”

Imogen blinked in surprise. “Thank me, mother? Whatever for?”

Her mother squeezed her hand tenderly, her gaze soft. “For giving me the courage to love again, my dear. For showing me that despite all the darkness we’ve been through, we could still find light.”

Imogen felt her eyes welling up with tears. She embraced her mother, feeling the love and warmth emanate from her. “Mother, your happiness is my happiness.”

Her mother held her at arm’s length, her gaze studying her intently. “And are you happy, Imogen? Truly happy?”

Imogen thought of Anthony, of their beautiful child, of the joy that she woke up to every day. “I am, mother. More than I ever thought I could be.”

Her mother sighed, relief spreading across her features. “Then we are both blessed, my dear. We have overcome our adversities, and now, we have been rewarded with love and happiness.”

As they shared another hug, they both knew that they were not just celebrating the Duchess’s wedding, but also the strength of their bond, the survival of their family, and the love that held them all together.

The love that held them all together was palpable as Imogen sought out Anthony in the boisterous throng. His eyes found hers at the same moment, a knowing smile tugging at his lips as he made his way towards her.

There was a twinkle in his eye as he offered his arm, a silent invitation for a stroll away from the clamor. “My dear wife, might I steal you away for a moment?”

Imogen’s heart fluttered at his words, just as it always did. “Only if you promise to return me,” she quipped, taking his arm as they gracefully moved towards the quieter edge of the garden.

They walked in silence for a few moments, the noise of the celebration a soft hum in the background. Finally, in the tranquil seclusion of a rose arbor, Anthony turned to Imogen, his hand coming up to gently tuck a loose curl behind her ear.

“Seeing your mother so happy, it makes me think,” he started, his gaze warm and tender, “how incredibly blessed we are.”

Imogen’s heart swelled, a joyous tear slipping down her cheek. “I think the same, Anthony. Every day I wake up beside you and our child, it’s like a dream.”

Anthony pulled her close, his hand cupping her face. “It is no dream, my love. It is our reality, a reality we fought for and won. Every hardship, every struggle, was worth it to stand here with you, to call you my wife and mother of my child.”

Imogen reached up, her fingers intertwining with Anthony’s. “I love you, Anthony. Today, tomorrow, and every day after.”

Anthony’s eyes softened, the hand on her waist pulling her closer. “And I, you, Imogen. Always.”

They shared a tender kiss under the moonlit sky, their hearts beating as one. They were no longer two separate beings but one, united by love, by hardship, by a beautiful child. And as they returned to the festivities, their hands entwined, they knew that they had found everything one could possibly need within each other.


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22 thoughts on “My Dear Enemy, the Earl – Extended Epilogue”

    1. I loved the story. And having the parents of the main characters meet again and create their own story was so sweet. And how the “bad guy” changes and has his own story, to be seen in the n xt book was very interesting. Can’t wait to read the sequel!

    2. The extended epilogue kept getting confused who was mother daughter and who was father/son. Good story except for the mixture of pronouns occasionally her/him or his/hers. Need a good editor to catch these things
      Keep sending us good story lines.

  1. You can’t keep switching between surnames and titles. You can’t call the groom lord and the lady Mrs. Then you called the dowager Mrs Hilton? Seems dumb. It was a lovely story but the delivery was somewhat juvenile as if written by a teenager. Sorry, but this is meant for improvement on your part.

    1. Thank you for your precious feedback dear Linda! I am sorry you could not enjoy the story due to how I wrote it… I never take it as an offence, on the contrary, I will write to improve my writing so the next novel is up to your expectations!

  2. A lovely story. Childish misunderstanding leads to bad feelings when Anthony and Imogen meet as adults. She is insecure and considers herself to be ugly which of course she is not. He is attracted to her but does not trust her. A couple of bad people keep getting in their way. Eventually everything is sorted out and ends happily. The only negative comment I have is that as the wife of Lord Nottingham she would be addressed as Lady Nottingham. In your extended epilogue she is called Mrs. Crawford.

    1. Also the book is called my dear enemy the earl. Where is the earl? Anthony was the son and heir to a duke but that does not make him an earl? The book title should match the story.

    2. Thank you so much for your – always – valuable feedback dear! I am glad you enjoyed the story leaving aside the small but significant inconsistencies!

  3. Imogene was quite the character. I loved her carefree attitude as well as
    Her ability to carry out what she wanted when she was younger. We don’t realize how much we change as
    we mature. Anthony also need to learn about change and hurt. A great family story about overcoming hurt and cruel words.

  4. I loved the book! It is all to common in life that things said can hurt deeply, even when you don’t think they will, but will have a long lasting scar on your life – no matter how young you were at the time. Imogen and Anthony were both hurt by words and actions but they were able to resolve those issues through meaningful conversations.

    I found the epilogue to be an after-thought compared to the book. It seemed disconnected in some ways. Why did Anthony walk Lady Hilton down the isle rather than her son, who was the head of the family? If someone like Daniel, tormented my past and tried to steal my future with the person I loved, there would be no way I would forgive them, let alone have them court my sister. That is a lot to overcome! There were sentences repeated. It just didn’t flow well with the book.

    1. I felt the same way about Daniel. I would not have been so generous. I would never be able to trust him. His deceit goes way back to childhood. I think Violet deserved someone much better.

  5. I liked your story very much .it was continuos and the scenes were clearly depicted making me think that i was there.the mistakes due to print can easily be overlooked in view of the beautiful presentation.thank you .

  6. What a sweet story that you’ve shared with us. Loved Imogen and Anthony. Not liking Daniel, he’s a real sleeze. Hopefully, he’s reformed so Violet can have a happy life.

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