The Songbird of a Duke’s Heart

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Emma Dalcour has had more tragedy in her young life than one should be able to bear. After becoming an orphan, she is sent to live with her aunt who works as a governess for the Duke of St. Albans. There, she is careful to remain completely out of sight until she is old enough to be given the position of a maid. However, she soon attracts everyone’s attention with her beautiful voice, including young Henry, the eldest son of the duke…

What could happen when years after, Henry returns from university and his charm draws Emma out? Will Emma dare to believe in an unthinkable love?

Henry is a man of honour, tasked with protecting and caring for his three younger siblings. Even though he is newly engaged to the beautiful Lady Margaret, his heart urges him down a different path after finally laying eyes on the enchanting songbird of his estate. His responsibilities are heavy though, and Henry struggles with escaping from a seemingly inevitable fate.

Torn between love and duty, he is desperately searching for the key to this dilemma…

What begins as a friendship between two young children, becomes an undeniable love in the course of time. Unfortunately, the road to happiness is full of thorns, especially when someone is determined to take Emma out of the picture. Will Emma and Henry find a way to bridge the gaping hole between their classes and overcome the barriers? Or will crushing expectations and devotion to duty tear them apart?

“The Songbird of a Duke’s Heart” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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The Lady and the Kind Gardener

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Lady Elizabeth Derby has her whole life planned out: marry the Duke of Manchester and have a glittering future amongst the ton. However, everything turns upside down when she pulls a childish prank, taking her younger sister out in the lake on a leaky boat… Luckily for her, she will be rescued by their handsome gardener. Little did she know though that this fateful moment would mark the end of her longed-for betrothal.

When her reputation becomes tarnished, will Elizabeth manage to clear her name and find love against all odds?

What Thomas Bolton, head gardener at the Derby estate, could never expect, is that after rescuing Elizabeth, she would dare to blame him for ruining her life. Despite considering her a spoiled girl, he cannot help but feel charmed by her mesmerising beauty, and he soon finds himself unable to get her out of his mind. However, he knows very well that a union with a lady and a gardener is a hopeless dream, and that forbidden love might be a fruitless battle.

Will Thomas be brave enough to open his heart to Elizabeth defying the social standards?

As the weeks pass, Thomas and Elizabeth are unable to deny the growing feelings for each other. Unfortunately, several hurdles lie in their way, with the biggest one being Elizabeth’s mother and her unbearable expectations. In the end, will Thomas and Elizabeth’s true love bridge any social difference that comes between them? Or will prejudice and family duty succeed in keeping them apart forever?

“The Lady and the Kind Gardener” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Most Unlikely Betrothal

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Treated like an uncomely and social pariah, Sophia Emley has resigned herself to spinsterhood at the age of twenty-two. Her life takes an abrupt turn though when the handsome Richard Hatherton, Earl of Brittingham, mistakes Sophia for her prettier sister and kisses her in the shadows. Unbeknownst to them, their kiss was witnessed, and in an instant, a great scandal ensues…

How will Sophia feel upon hearing that the only way to clear her name is to marry a man she dislikes?

When Richard finds out that Sophia is now his wife-to-be, he cannot imagine his life by her side. However, he soon realises that there is so much more to his fiancée than what meets the eye, finding himself unable to stop thinking about her unique beauty and intelligence. From that moment on, he is determined to make her see that he is more worthy of her attention and make up for his regretful mistake. Will Richard manage to charm Sophia and prove deserving of her love?

Could he really compensate for such a rocky start and earn her trust?

While Sophia and Richard’s mutual love and admiration grow, Sophia’s guilt tied to marrying her sister’s beau lies heavily on her chest. More than that, society’s criticism continues challenging their decision to unite their lives and hearts… Could these threatening obstacles cost the happiness both Sophia and Richard deserve? Will Sophia and Richard fight for their deep feelings, or will their romance collapse under society’s weight?

“A Most Unlikely Betrothal” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Sonata for a Noble Soul

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Lady Pippa Andrews believes that rather than searching for love, she should wait for love to find her. Her mother, however, insists on a marriage for financial reasons and she does whatever it takes to force her into courtships with wealthy lords. Pippa’s heart only skips a beat though, when at a symposium, she meets a charming man, whose music sweeps her off her feet.

Will this charismatic man be able to give Pippa the fairytale life she has always dreamed of?

For Charlie Thomas, music has always been his life’s passion. While he loves performing at balls, he wishes he could live the life his father led; one filled with adventurous travels and an everlasting romance. It is when he first lays eyes on the enchanting Lady Pippa that he begins to think such life is achievable after all. As time passes, Charlie realises that he is starting to fall for her mesmerising beauty…

Will Charlie find a way to get closer to the only woman who moved the strings of his heart?

While Pippa and Charlie fight for their chance at love, Pippa’s mother insists on arranging a marriage of her own making, one that is acceptable to society. Despite all odds, will these two soulmates unite their two worlds and follow the calling of true happiness? Or will they be doomed to a life of lovelessness caused by Pippa’s mother?

“A Sonata for a Noble Soul” is a historical romance novel of approximately 50,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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What a Duke Does for Love

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Following the death of her beloved brother, Lady Marlena Ashover finds herself in unbearable grief and suspicious of what truly happened to her brother. Even though she convinces her family to travel to London with the excuse of the Season, Marlena vows to secretly investigate her brother’s loss and find its true cause. When she meets a young Duke who wants to help her in her quest, Marlena finds not only a loyal friend in him, but also the greatest love of her life…

Will Marlena solve the mystery of her brother’s demise despite the lurking dangers? Could the kind hearted Duke be the person who will bring light into her gloomy life?

Ryan Wellston, the Duke of Claypool, has never had genuine feelings for other women except for Marlena. However, no matter how much he wants to help and make her happy, tremendous challenges are threatening his hopes and dreams… Nevertheless, Ryan is determined to do everything in his power to find the answers to the burning questions of who killed James and why. Will the charismatic Duke manage to bring the truth to the surface? Will he eventually shine a smile upon his dear Marlena’s face?

If only things were always as they seemed…

While Ryan and Marlena are unable to deny their blooming feelings, they first have to deal with the chaos that dominates their lives. Especially since someone is determined to separate them and steal their every chance at happiness forever. WIll the two soulmates shed light on an unforgivable truth and heal their past wounds together? Or will the current threats and emotional storm irreversibly overshadow their growing love?

“What a Duke Does for Love” is a historical romance novel of approximately 50,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Lord’s Exotic Love

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Arabella Fortescue, the beloved daughter of an English baron and a Mughal princess, has everything she could ever wish for: a loving family, comfort, and Justin, the man she is soon to marry. Leaving India was never Arabella’s desire, but when Justin must return to England, she decides to go with him. However, a dreadful accident at sea forces them apart, and Arabella finds herself fighting for her life. Her trials do not end there though, as she discovers that Justin has lost his memory and is about to marry an imposter. Will Arabella find her way to Justin and help him recall all the sweet moments they have shared together? Or will the only man she has ever truly loved fly away?

Justin Balfour, the third son of a Duke and an avid adventurer, could never expect that he would find his other half in India. When circumstances force him to return to England, tragedy strikes while travelling; a storm takes Arabella away from him and an accident causes him amnesia. As if this was not enough, when a wicked lady claims to be his fiancée, Justin feels utterly confused because he has no feelings for her. Everything will change though, when he starts sharing a special bond with a beautiful servant girl, unable to deny the deep stirrings in his heart. Will Justin regain his memory and unravel his feelings after all? Could the peculiar and loving maid be his miraculous salvation and unlock the mystery that surrounds his life?

Just when Arabella and Justin thought they had found everything they dreamed of, lies, memory loss, and frauds fiercely separate them. Despite the obstacles, the power of their love unites them again, giving them one last chance at happiness. Will the two soulmates be strong enough to ride out the storm and live the dream that burns in their hearts? Or will their hopes for a happily ever after be stolen away, throwing them into the deepest sorrow?

“A Lord’s Exotic Love” is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Summer Ball’s Love

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Since her beloved father’s death, a mysterious illness has plagued the beautiful Mariah Nightingale, taking away her joie de vivre. Unable to stand her loneliness anymore, she hesitantly attends a ball where she meets the most charming Earl she could ever dream of. However, her stepmother is not happy with Mariah’s unexpected acquaintance, as she has always envied and viewed her as her own daughter’s competitor. To make matters worse, Mariah’s illness gets in the way of spending time with her charming admirer and threatens to bring her blossoming dreams crashing down. Will Mariah let down her defences and find the way to be with the man that has started to fill her with joy and love? Or will her bossy stepmother and sudden illness destroy it all?

John Blackmore, Earl of Winchester, did not intend to spend his whole summer in Cheltenham. However, after losing a bet at a card game, he is compelled to keep his word. Little did he know that his dull summer would soon turn into a fascinating one, due to him being immediately mesmerised by the gracious lady he meets on a special night. When John sees that this ethereal existence has been haunted by a mysterious illness, he is determined to move heaven and earth to help her recover. However, time is running short, as the beautiful woman’s health mysteriously deteriorates with each passing day. Will John manage to find the cause of Mariah’s illness and the cure for both her disease and his own heart? Or will he fail to rescue the only woman who has managed to occupy his every thought?

While Mariah and John discover the depth of their shared feelings, wicked powers threaten the blooming love between them. When John discovers hidden truths that might irreversibly change Mariah’s life forever, her overbearing stepmother will make any effort to keep her confined to the house. Will Mariah and John break down the walls that jeopardize their only chance at a happy life? Could fate have something better in store for them both?

“A Summer Ball’s Love” is a historical romance novel of approximately 50,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Duke’s Fleeing Bride

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Lady Dianna Blackstone has no desire for marriage, and as an untamed spirit, she has always craved for more freedom. When her parents announce that she is soon to begin an official courtship with the arrogant Duke of Wharton, Dianna is left with no choice but to run away from her worst nightmare. After disguising her identity, she finds a position as a maid in a nearby village, but unfortunately, her employer turns out to be painfully unpleasant. In an unexpected twist of fate, her detestable intended will track her down, making Dianna’s heart skip a beat as he meets another side of him. Will Lady Dianna manage to escape this living hell and give love a chance? Will she realise that the Duke might be more than what he seems and the one who will bring light to her life?

Lord Jonas Haddon, Duke of Wharton, comes across as very arrogant, but deep inside, he is a caring man who hopes to marry out of love and lead an ordinary life. Intrigued by the boldness and independence of Lady Blackstone, he is determined to find her after hearing she ran away. When he finally discovers she is hiding out as a maid, he does everything in his power to prove that he is not the prideful man she thinks him to be. It won’t be long until he realises that he can’t think of a future without her, seeking to court her even in her position as a maid. Will the charming Duke convince Dianna of his genuine feelings and good intentions? Will he manage to claim the heart of the only woman who has invaded his dreams and occupied his every thought?

While feelings of affection start to blossom between Dianna and Jonas, Dianna’s tyrannical employer makes her life miserable even to the point of her own devastation. On top of this, no matter how hard Jonas tries to persuade Diana to return to her old life with him on her side, her pride does not allow her to give up so early. Will Dianna find her desired escape and could Jonas be the true salvation she has been looking for? Could their everlasting happiness have been right in front of them this whole time or will poor decisions trap them into an unbearable life?

“A Duke’s Fleeing Bride” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Lady’s Fateful Ball

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Lady Tess Oakley is a fiercely independent spirit with no desire to ever get married. Unfortunately, her parents have other plans for her and do all they can to betroth her to a man she absolutely detests. Desperate as she is, Tess is determined to do everything in her power to escape a loveless engagement- even entering a fake courtship with a gentleman who shares the same detestation for marriage. Not long after this decision, her heart will betray her by starting to beat for the handsome stranger, making this arrangement more complicated than she ever expected. Could a false engagement that started as a rescue plan lead to a deeply liberating love and the salvation she has always looked for? Will Tess manage to get away from a doomed future and dare to dig into what her heart truly wants?

Lord Milton Eddington, Duke of Corrington, holds a deep secret that threatens to destroy any chance he might ever have at finding his other half. Rather than pining for what he cannot have, he prefers to have the reputation of a rake and vows to never fall in love with a woman. His life will take an unexpected turn though, when a beautiful lady appears, suggesting an intriguing proposition that will help him maintain his independence. With the passing of time, Milton realises that he is starting to fall for her ethereal existence, but the fears of the past are obstructing his feelings from fully flourishing. Will Milton ever manage to overcome the obstacles that prevent him from allowing love to enter his lonely heart? Or will he be condemned to a miserable future just because he is afraid of confronting the demons of his past?

While Tess and Milton’s love blossoms, their special connection is threatened by inner struggles and external powers that wish to keep them apart. Things will only get worse, when Milton receives a letter that blackmails him to abandon Tess and their common future is about to irreversibly fade away. Will Tess and Milton break down the wall of thorns they have built around their hearts? Will they find the courage to fight everyone who stands against them in the name of true love?

“A Lady’s Fateful Ball” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Once Upon a Blooming Love

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Lady Fiona Burgess feels utterly devastated when her brother pressures her into an unwanted betrothal to a man of a dubious reputation. When she receives anonymous letters encouraging her to question the source of her intended’s wealth, she knows that his secret is darker than she thought. Her life will take an unexpected turn though, when she sets eyes on their new groundskeeper, who will comfort her with his flower knowledge and gentle soul. Not long after, the tormented lady will find herself deeply in love with the kind gentleman, despite knowing that a romance with him is impossible to flourish. Will Fiona find a way to prove to her brother that the person he forces her to marry is a scoundrel? Or will she be condemned to a loveless marriage, losing the only man that holds the key to her heart?

While Jean-Michel Delacroix is searching for his long-lost family in London, he is offered to work as a groundskeeper for a reputable Duke. Being in need of money, he accepts the offer and dares to think that his life could finally change for the better. What he did not expect though, is that he would be so profoundly touched by the despair of the Duke’s enchanting younger sister. Besotted by her ethereal beauty and intelligence, he secretly plants blooms to see her fragile face lighten up and can’t stop daydreaming about her. When he finds out about her upcoming wedding, he falls into pieces, but decides to do everything in his power to rescue her from her doomed fate. Will Jean-Michel expose the heartless swindler before it’s too late? Most importantly, will he have his fairytale-ending with the woman of his dreams?

Fiona and Jean-Michel are lost in their blossoming feelings for each other, but time is running short and they must battle against the unmoving Duke. However, Jean-Michel also has his own secrets, which could either benefit him or take Fiona away once and for all. Will the two soulmates manage to protect their love and overcome the darkness of the surrounding threats? Could the light of true happiness be waiting on the other end of their struggle?

“Once Upon a Blooming Love” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Lady’s Quest for Love

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Lady Sophia, the sweet and bubbly daughter of the Earl of Westford, has been raised with the principle of putting aside her own dreams for the sake of duty. Even though she secretly longs for adventure and a dreamy romance, in no case would she ever do anything to disappoint her beloved parents. When her dear father passes away, he leaves behind a mysterious and fateful quest for Sophia- a quest that she will have to carry through no matter what. Little did she know that the quest’s clues would very soon lead her to the person who would warm her broken heart and haunt her dreams. Could Sophia’s love with the charming gentleman flourish despite knowing her mother would never approve of such a match? Or will she end up following the lonely path of duty once again, letting her hopeful heart down?

Luke Beaumont has managed to write his own life story, despite being the son of the Earl of Astley. Convinced that the high society is a place where he cannot fit in, he decides to abstain from it, opening his own bookshop and getting lost in the magical world of the books. When the lovely daughter of his dear friend crosses the doorstep of his little shop, he is instantly drawn to her bright spirit and remarkable beauty. This is why he immediately accepts when the dazzling woman asks for help with her father’s treasure hunt, despite knowing how hard it will be not to fall for her. Will Luke manage to successfully help Sophia fulfil her father’s last wish and discover the true meaning of life along the way? In the course of time, will Luke find the courage to confess his deep feelings and claim Sophia’s heart?

Sophia and Luke will quickly turn out to be each other’s perfect match and their story resembles a fairytale love, just like the ones written in Luke’s book collection. However, Sophia’s mother has other plans for her, demanding that she should marry a cold Marquess who could never make her happy. In an endless vacillation between duty and love, will Sophia and Luke manage to break down the walls that keep them apart? Will the two of them find the way to turn their two separate worlds into the most wonderful romance ever imagined?

“A Lady’s Quest for Love” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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The Captain of a Lady’s Heart

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Lady Katherine Ennis is a rebellious and unusual soul for her era, aching for freedom and adventure in her life instead of a conventional marital life. When she is forced by her dominating parents to marry a man she doesn’t love, she desperately tries to escape from this doomed fate. Everything changes though the moment she is bravely saved by a dashing Captain after being in a horse accident. From that moment on, Katherine starts thinking that this gentleman could be the salvation she has been looking for and comes up with a deceptive plan of a staged marriage. However, as her pretense of love for the Captain soon turns into reality, could Katherine find the courage to admit the depth of her feelings? Or will her fear to reveal the truth, destroy a fulfilling future with her soulmate?

Captain Robert Barkley’s freedom has been overshadowed by the debt that his deceased brother left in his wake, risking the future of his recently inherited dukedom. Even though marriage has never been something he yearned for, he knows it’s the only way to save his Manor and preserve his legacy. When a marriage of convenience to a beautiful lady is suddenly on the cards, he thinks that his luck has finally changed for the better. Yet, in the course of time, he finds himself drawn to her ethereal beauty and captivated by her gracious personality. However, he has promised her freedom and knows that he cannot break his word, regardless of the pain that losing her would cause him. Will Robert succeed in claiming an untamed lady’s heart? Could he ever manage to pay off the dreadful debt and take the leap of real love at the same time?

In a story of unspoken truths, Katherine and Robert realise they are unable to deny the pure love that has grown between them. However, the road to happiness is full of obstacles, with two domineering families insisting upon their own loveless wishes. Will Katherine and Robert face their fears and find a way to turn their two worlds into one, against all odds? Or will they crumble under the constant external pressure and lose their only chance at a magical romance?

“The Captain of a Lady’s Heart” is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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The Runaway Chaperone

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Forced into a loveless betrothal with a man who terrifies her, Alexandra Drake decides to run away from home. As luck would have it, she is then hired as a chaperone for a dashing Duke’s younger sister. While it seems to be an easy position for an accomplished woman like her, keeping an eye on the young girl will prove harder than she expected. To make matters more complicated, Alexandra will inevitably find herself falling in love with her charming employee and unable to think of anything else than his captivating eyes… Could Alexandra ignore her growing feelings for the sake of conventional rules? Will true love manage to shine through the emotional whirlwind that has turned her world upside down?

Matthew Lammore has been the Duke of Blakeley since the tragic loss of his parents when he was only fifteen. This entire time, the responsibility of taking care of the estate and his beloved sister has fallen upon his shoulders. However, as his sister has reached the age of sixteen, he will need a well educated person to help her prepare for her debut into Society. Luckily for him, he finds the most appropriate woman for this role, who among other talents, seems to also have a heart of gold. Little did he know though that the beautiful chaperone would exceed her role and end up being the breath of fresh air he has longed for, casting light upon his dull life. This doesn’t however alter his awareness of how inappropriate it would be for a Duke to fall in love with his own employee. Will Matthew defy social norms and give true love a chance? Or will he turn down the woman of his dreams out of fear of ruining his reputation?

The more Matthew and Alexandra fall for each other, the more they realize they are moving towards a tangled labyrinth. As if this wasn’t enough, Alexandra’s secret past is haunting her and threatening to tear this blossoming romance apart. Will the two soulmates dare to take the leap of real love and have faith in each other? In the end, will they declare their undeniable feelings, or will they be overpowered by the threatening internal and external obstacles?

“The Runaway Chaperone” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Letter from Her Dear Marquess

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Lady Abigail Price is a hopelessly romantic soul and has always been dreaming of marrying her fairytale prince. When her parents announce that her marriage choice has been made already, she finds herself thrown into deep sorrow. However, her luck is about to change the fateful night he will meet her intendant unbeknownst his identity. Abigail is immediately drawn to him and when she discovers his name, a moment of happy bliss overflows her heart. However, her joy is quickly shattered when a great scandal that shames the Price name will cancel the betrothal and tear the couple apart. Will Abigail find the strength to defy everything and choose love over propriety? Or will she be doomed to live a loveless life?

Clark Monroe, Marquess of Penrith, has been doing everything in his power to avoid a future as the Duke of Rochester. The person he doesn’t want to cross paths with the most, is no one else than the woman his father is forcing him to marry. Against all odds, and when the time to meet his future bride comes, Clark is immediately charmed by her beauty. Little does he know, though, that the road to happiness will be full of obstacles, as an unforeseen event will threaten to take the beautiful woman he is falling for away from him. Will Lord Penrith convince Lady Abigail that there is something to the spark they felt that night? Could he make up for a calamitous scandal standing in his way and win the woman who stole his heart?

Abigail and Clark know what their heart is telling, but neither of their families will tolerate this union. However, as each passing day apart from each other feels like eternity, Abigail and Clark decide to fight for their love no matter what it takes. Will they find the way to make their two worlds one before the doors of happiness lock forever? WIll they manage to go against their families’ will and listen to their own hearts?

“A Letter from Her Dear Marquess” is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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The Recipe to Win an Earl’s Heart

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Clara Sedley is an inspired cook and the daughter of a baker who has raised her with love and affection ever since her mother died. When her father falls seriously ill, she decides to put all her dreams aside and seek further employment, as the medical expenses are piling up. However, the only available position seems to be the one of the cook for the reclusive Earl of Dunham. Feeling like she has no choice, Clara hesitantly accepts the offer and joins their estate. She never expected, though, to discover a hidden side of this lonely man, a side so tender, that it would make her heart beat only for him. Even so, the challenge of a relationship between a prestigious son of a malicious lady and the daughter of a baker still persists. With her loving kindness and outstanding cooking skills as weapons, will Clara manage to capture the Earl’s heart? Will she eventually live the fairytale she has always been dreaming of?

Having grown up with a judgmental and tyrannical mother, Charles Blackstone, Earl of Dunham, has become a cold and detached man. His short temper and mean words have pushed away every single person around him and he is now doomed to a miserable and lonely life in an enormous estate. Everything changes almost overnight when he crosses paths with Clara and is taken aback by her generosity and remarkable beauty. While tasting her meals which reflect her talent and affectionate nature, Charles finds himself falling deeper in love with this wondrous woman. He is nevertheless utterly conflicted, knowing that everyone will be against this love, and above all, his own mother. Will Charles stand up for himself and escape from the loveless future his mother has planned out for him? Or will he simply avoid the risk of being with the woman of his heart out of fear for society’s judgmental prejudice?

Even though Clara and Charles develop an undeniable connection, his cruel mother will do whatever it takes to sabotage their blossoming love. An unexpected secret that Clara’s father kept buried for years makes things even more complicated, as it will irreversibly change the course of their life. In the end, will Clara and Charles defy society’s constraining rules and choose love on their own terms? Or will dominant norms and formidable barriers overpower their special romance?

“The Recipe to Win an Earl’s Heart” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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The Key to a Lord’s Heart

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Helena Bolingbroke is without a doubt the most beautiful woman in Bath. However, she is far more fascinated by reading than attending balls, while holding a book club meeting to discuss the latest in English literature makes her the happiest. Even though her passion for books had always been embraced by her parents in the past, her father is now fed up with her churlish refusals to settle down and decides to take matters into his own hands. Could her one chance at true love be among the sea of men her father invites to win her hand?

Henry Beckham has never been the one to seek the attention of ladies. He is content with living his life the way he pleases and a wife would only get in the way. His parents have different expectations, though, that include him producing an heir to carry on the family legacy. Henry is inevitably introduced with the terrifying ultimatum of marrying by the end of the year or forfeiting his title and fortune to his younger brother. All seems to be lost for him, until he receives an intriguing invitation from Lord Bolingbroke to attend a book club meeting in order to win his daughter’s hand. Could this unknown woman secure his fortune and capture his lonely heart?

They have both expected a completely different life, one without love and romance. Now that every one of their dull expectations has given place to the profound revelation of true love, they are in awe of what they had been missing all along. Regardless of how undeniable their connection is, it is also tainted by dark secrets and contrasting priorities. Will Henry manage to break down Helena’s walls and win her heart? Will the powerful light of their romance dissipate the threats that lurk around?

“The Key to a Lord’s Heart” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Dance with the Charming Baron

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Miss Eliza Dowling is belatedly coming out into society in the hope that she might meet a potential suitor who will make her heart race. When she crosses paths with a handsome childhood friend, she finds herself captivated by his mesmerising gaze. Her life will soon take a strange turn, though, when the man she daydreams about is to marry the daughter of a wealthy noble. Feeling emotionally wounded and struggling to forget him, she shifts her attention to a charming Viscount, until she realizes she is about to make the biggest mistake of her life. Will Eliza manage to tame her overpowering feelings and forget this elusive dream forever? In the end, will she discover the path to the happy life she craves?

After his father’s death, Derrick Blackwell has inherited the title of the Baron, and now it’s time for him to find a suitable wife. Even though in his heart, Eliza is a woman worth dying for, he knows that his mother would never allow a match with someone of a lower status. When he sees her with a charming Viscount waltzing around, pangs of jealousy soar through his heart, though he knows there’s nothing he can do but stand by. Yet, the moment he discovers that the same man who sets his sights on Eliza, is also the main suspect of a series of disasters, Derrick is determined to solve the puzzle and do whatever it takes to protect the woman he loves. Will the caring Baron uncover the truth? Will he prevail against the Viscount, defy his mother’s orders and choose a wife on his own terms?

Eliza and Derrick might come from two starkly different backgrounds, but their feelings for each other are too strong to be buried. When external circumstances insist on keeping them apart, the two of them have to find the strength to claim their happiness. Will Eliza and Derrick save their love before everything turns to ashes? Or will insuperable obstacles keep them from following their heart?

“A Dance with the Charming Baron” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Wallflower’s Darling Lord

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Miss Helena Ashby, daughter to a trade merchant, has found herself thrown in at the deep end of society. When her father is sent to the debtor’s prison, leaving her penniless, Helena, shy, down to earth and completely unprepared, must battle the gossip that surrounds her name, and fit in a world where everyone looks askance at her. When she finds occupation as a lady’s companion, destiny brings her to the man who will be haunting her dreams every night. But external forces will not let her find happiness next to him all too easy. Will Helena find her way to be with the man she hopelessly loves despite all odds, or her plans for the future will go up in smoke?

Lord Edwin Martin-Atkins has always feared that he will be driven off course if he cannot find a proper woman to hold him down. When his unsuspected affections are laid upon a woman whose life has been one scandal after another, he is determined to rescue her from ruin, if he ever wants to find real happiness in life. But the road is full of obstacles, as the woman he has fallen in love with is the companion of the malicious lady he unwillingly courts. Will he manage to avoid a union that will make his life an eternal torture? Will Edwin help the only woman he has ever loved to escape her tragic fate and share the rest of her life with him?

Helena and Edwin are most enchanted by each other from the moment they meet. But when Helena’s jealous and malicious lady makes every effort to disgrace her and drive her away from Edwin, everything seems to go downhill. Could the two soulmates find a way to make their two worlds one in such a dire situation? Will their love survive the pitfalls threatening to destroy it?

“A Wallflower’s Darling Lord” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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The Dashing Thief of Her Dreams

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Bridget Stanhope doesn’t dream of meeting her fairytale prince like every other girl of her age. The perfect suitor for her is a more daring and brave gentleman rather than a polite and socially acceptable one. When one night she stumbles across a masked man who breaks into her house, Bridget immediately falls under the spell of his eyes and makes it her goal to meet him again. But her plans go askew when a charming lord steals her mind, and the young lady finds herself thrown into a great dilemma. Will Bridget find a way to unfold her complicated feelings? In the end, will she choose the charming nobleman or the daredevil thief?

Lord Geoffrey Nott wants to spend his life traipsing around the globe, while the idea of marriage has always repelled him. But the moment he lays eyes on Bridget, his life takes an unexpected turn. After spending more time with her, Geoffrey reconsiders the idea of marriage, as he realizes that he is hopelessly falling in love with her. However, no matter how happy he feels next to her, Geoffrey has a profound secret, and he is awfully scared that when Bridget discovers the truth, she will detest him once and for all. Will he convince Bridget that sometimes things are not always what they seem? Will he find happiness with the only woman he has ever fallen in love?

It seems like Bridget and Geoffrey are made for each other. But everything crashes down when Geoffrey’s malicious brother sets his mind on stealing everything that Geoffrey has, including his beautiful bride. Will the couple find a true soul mate in one another, despite all odds? Will they escape from an envious man, or will their only chance at happiness fall through?

“The Dashing Thief of Her Dreams” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Dreamy Lady’s Ever After

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Ever since her mother died in childbirth, Lady Sophia Eisendowr has grown up with her beloved father and aunt Louisa. She has always been dreaming of finding true love, and she eagerly anticipates the day she will meet the one. When she sees a charming man at her first ball, her heart skips a beat. Sailing in a sea of emotions, she finally believes that a chance at love may be within reach. But her bitter aunt has different plans, arranging for Sophia to marry the worst suitor a woman could ever have; an arrogant man, who only cares about chasing young girls, one after the other. Will Sophia find the courage to spoil her aunt’s plans and stand up for love, or will she be condemned to a life of torture?

After exploring almost all the corners of the world, Lord Sebastian Colfield decides to settle down. One dance with Sophia is enough to make him feel a magnetic attraction, and long for the moment he will see her again. But little does he know that he is not the only man who has an interest in the beautiful lady, and it will be an uphill struggle to conquer her heart. Will Sebastian find the courage to rescue her from an arrogant man? Could he be the salvation Sophia has been looking for?

And when their paths begin to intertwine more than they could expect, Louisa Hinnings is determined to ensure that her niece will not get the match she wants. Will Sophia and Sebastian find happiness in the midst of a bewildering situation? Will true love prevail in the end?

“A Dreamy Lady’s Ever After” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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